We arrived in the town of Tsumeb today (4 hrs north of Windhoek) for a week of practice teaching and further training.  The drive was absolutely gorgeous – so green and mountainous.  We kept our eyes peeled for wildlife and we were not disappointed – groups of baboons, koodoos, warthogs, an ostrich…all either crossing the highway or on the side of the road.  It was then that I realized I was in Africa!  Amazing.  Sunday we are going to Etosha for a safari – can’t wait!

Matin's Africa Backpacker

While in Tsumeb, we are staying in a pleasant hostel/resort right in town.  Starting tomorrow, we will be team teaching to groups of summer school students (school doesn’t start until Jan 17th) and we went to visit the school today.  The principal was wonderful, showed us around the school and was so proud.  I’m really excited to work with the kids and get a feel for what I am in for when I get to my placement.

Tonight, Brett, Karen, Keva and I were assigned cooking duty for the rest of the volunteers.  With limited groceries, a poorly stocked kitchen and TONS of bugs, it was a real challenge.  But under Brett’s exquisite chef skills, we pulled off a pretty good Italian dinner.

Monday night dinner crew!