It’s FRIDAY!  And I survived a week of practice teaching.  Fortunately, as the week progressed we had a couple more learners trickle in and ended with a whopping six students – ranging from grade 8-12!  Needless to say, lessons were difficult with such a span, but the kids appeared to really enjoy it and provided us some exposure to Namibian students.  At the end of class today, we gave out certificates and they were so proud.

Last day of practice teaching!

A couple days ago we noticed that the odd tree-like markings on the bathroom wall of our room were growing and we have since been fascinated with it.  While we don’t know exactly what it is (likely termites), we’ve called it the ‘Tree of Life’.  Today, in our TEFL session on teaching writing and we had to come up with acrostic poems for nouns in Namibia.  Hannah, my roommate, comically wrote about the Tree of Life:


Tree of Life

Reaching the ceiling

Everyday growing


Out of control

Freaking me out

Living art



Eating and regurgitating

Needless to say, we had a good laugh out of it!

Tomorrow we have a free morning – going to do some shopping for more tank tops and light clothes as it has gotten really hot recently.  Definitely not complaining though, as I hear Brampton got a snow storm yesterday! He he