Today was a big day… my first African safari and it was awesome.  Etosha National Park is Namibia’s largest game reserve, spanning 22,270 sq km.  We arrived before 7am, as the sun rose, and spent over 5 hours driving around the winding, gravel paths of the park and we were not disappointed.  From the second we entered the gate, we were surrounded by zebra, giraffe, springbok and gazelle.  As we turned a bend, springbok lay in the middle of the road, giraffe popped their heads over the bushes and even turtles played in the puddles!

Zebra grazing

Staring giraffe

With The Lion King soundtrack blasting on Karen’s ipod,  we closely watched the birth of a baby springbok (a little disturbing to watch, but amazing)!  No better way to listen to ‘The Circle of Life’!

Mama springbok cleaning her baby!

While we were satisfied with what we had seen already, most of us had hopes of seeing a lion and/or an elephant.  So, our fearless driver, Camerona, was on the hunt.

Male lion wandering the veldt

The lion was easy to see as there was a group of vehicles pulled to the side of the road.  However, finding an elephant took some dung tracking and binoculars.  But it was breathtaking….

The pot of gold!

All in all, a memorable day!  Words can’t express how fortunate I feel to have experienced it and to be surrounded by such beauty.