Thursday night, Moses and Camble (the Namibian husbands of our Field Directors, Jocie and Kelly Jo) cooked us traditional Namibian food.

Moses and Camble in the kitchen

In true Namibian style, the dinner took five hours to prepare – as the beans needed to be individually peeled, the chicken boiled for two and a half hours and the spinach cooked over the fire for four hours!  The meal consisted of Oshiwambo chicken, maize meal pap (porridge), mahango (porridge), spinach mush and white bean mush.  For me, the meal was a texture nightmare!  While I tried a teeny bit of everything, I couldn’t force myself to try the beans.  Ughhh!

Peeling the beans! A group event!

Beans - the finished product!







Last night, we all went out to celebrate the end of orientation.  We went to an African fusion restaurant and I had kingclip white fish, a fish caught off the coast of Walvis Bay, which was very tasty!   While I am more than ready to head up north to Sitipogo, I will definitely miss the safety and camaraderie of the past few weeks.  Kelly Jo did a great job at summarizing orientation by saying:

WorldTeach 2011 Orientation

19+ hour flight

4 sets of lost luggage

10 mornings with an 8:30am start

15 hours of cultural training

32 hours of teacher training

2 bathrooms for 12 people

1 key for 3 people

12 drives with Camerona (the Ministry of Ed’s CRAZY driver)

100 million reminders about safety

8 hours of practice teaching

2 braais

3 new languages

17 days of orientation

And… only 21.5 hours of free time!

Hannah and I

Bridget and Amy

Most of the other volunteers are heading up to their sites tomorrow but Amy and I have to wait an extra day for transportation.  This means we will miss the first day of school, but oh well – this is Africa!  The drive will take approximately 12 hours – which will be torture – but will be filled with so much anticipation.  And hopefully, my principal, Mr. Sikongo, will be waiting for me when I arrive!