Everyone has been bugging me to post more photos… especially Alisa!  I have reduced the file sizes so they wouldn’t crash my internet, which means so the quality isn’t the greatest, but at least you’ll get an idea!

My office 🙂

My office, which as you can see is really a storage room, is where I do my planning.  It’s also where the learners come to borrow calculators and LINE UP during afternoon study to ask me questions!

My room...bed is a little lumpy, but I've been so tired that anything feels great!

My getaway! Only meters from my house.

My new frisbee friends!

I love this photo!  Yes, the frisbee was a hit and I realized I am pretty good at frisbee – was looking like an athletic superstar (very, very rare for me)!  It was a great way to interact with them in English and they could have played for hours if the rain hadn’t interrupted us.  I am sure the kids will be at my door this weekend looking for the frisbee again.  Can’t wait!