Gsoh – you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!

Up until about an hour ago, we hadn’t had any water since Sunday.  For most Namibians, this isn’t even an issue as running water is a luxury outside of the major towns.  But, let me tell you – I was MISERABLE!!

After using my stashed water reserve (which was a 1.5L bottle, not nearly enough!) and three trips to the closest store to buy out all their bottled water, I took a trip down to the river to get water.  Ugh – definitely not the cleanest fresh water I’ve seen!  I had trouble just collecting the water – never mind drinking it or bathing in it.  And the Namibians drink it straight from the river!  After boiling it for 20 minutes, it reduced down to nothing and I had to head back to the river!  Too funny!  So needless to say, I spent a good 25 minutes in the shower tonight.  Ahhh….wonderful water!

Ladies carrying water from the river. I plan on mastering the art of carrying things on my head by the time I leave here!