First of all, on Friday morning I awoke to pouring rain (which is a good thing because it brings cool air) and for the first time, I had to wear a SWEATER!  Ahhh…it was such a nice treat.  Some of the kids arrived at school with hats, winter jackets and big sweaters.  It was hilarious to see what they thought was really cold.

We decided to treat ourselves this weekend so Amy booked us a night at the Kavango River Lodge in Rundu.  To make it even better, Karen, one of the volunteers in the central north, took the two day journey to join us.

Kavango River Lodge is a luxury accommodation right on the Kavango River and it was superb.  When we got into our room, we were like giddy children.  Sofa, television, flushing toilet, hot water, air conditioning and NO BUGS!  We ate an amazing dinner on a patio overlooking the river and watched the sunset.  Then we had a glorious sleep in comfy beds with plush comforters while the air conditioning blasted!  Needless to say, I did not want to leave.  For the first time since I have arrived here, I felt like a tourist and it was a great feeling.  Even better was that it all cost less than $100 CAD.  We have booked ourselves 2 nights there in March to give us something to look forward to!

When I got back from Rundu, my frisbee friends were waiting for me under the tree behind my house.  We headed down to the river and hung out a bit.  They taught me more Rukwangali words, I took photos of them and watched them go for a swim.  I truly enjoy them (except when they are yelling ‘MADAM’ at my window while I am napping!) because it gives me an opportunity to interact with younger kids.  Their innocence is beautiful and they are so full of joy.  The simplest things make them laugh.

Happy to say that I am relaxed and ready for another week… 🙂