As I write this post, I am sitting at the kitchen table in my new Namibian home.   After much encouragement from my mom, I requested a move a couple weeks ago.  The cockroach problem wasn’t getting any better and the living arrangement was really getting me down.  So I have moved to another volunteer house in Nankudu, which is one village west of Sitopogo and approximately 2km from school.

The house in massive.  There are three bedrooms, an office, a laundry room (with a washing machine!!!), kitchen and dining room.  Currently, I have two room mates… Justine, another WorldTeach volunteer, who will be returning home at the end of the month (very, very sad about this!) and Bev, a VSO volunteer from England who just arrived.  Once Justine leaves, I will move into her room but in the meantime my stuff is everywhere.

While the 8km of walking a day will kill me, I can’t tell you how nice it is to live bug free.  I will post photos soon, I promise!