I get lots of emails asking for MORE PHOTOS – so here you go….  I am at the lodge in town with free WIFI so I am taking advantage of it!  Enjoy!

Around the village:

Precious Hellena and her baby goat

I couldnt resist!

The kids I see on my evening walks

Around the school:

The memes selling snacks during break

Primary learners enjoying their break

Slush treats in a baggie

Hanging out with my learners in front of the old house after school.

My Heavenly Home:

My palace

The cockroach-free kitchen

First load of laundry and probably the first time my clothes have been clean in 4 months!

Weekends with other volunteers:

Justine and I doing the famous mshasho pose

Volunteers gathering for the free internet at Omashari Lodge - worth the 3 hr trip into town!

Sunset cruise on the Kavango River - breathtaking!

Another gorgeous sunset...Im addicted.