So, I survived the first term!  Although the past few days have been frustrating as I had to fumble through the grading and report card process without any direction, handing out the reports to my learners today felt great.  Unfortunately, more than 65% of my students failed their math exams, which was disappointing for me, but is generally the norm here.    Like them, I am learning as I go through this process and I have realized things I need to do differently and skills that need to be taught.  So, I am really optimistic that next term will be an improvement.

The principal held a wonderful assembly this morning where he announced the highest achievers for each subject.  The entire school clapped and cheered while those students were given a small monetary reward.  I myself felt inspired and proud, I can only imagine how they felt.  It was a great way to end the term.

As I was leaving school today, one of the teachers said something that made me burst out laughing and so I thought I would share with you some of my favorite Namibian quotes this term:

“I don’t know where Canada is.  Is it an Arab nation?”   – Taxi driver

“If you don’t come to pick up your report card on Thursday, we will put them in the toilet.” – Principal speaking to entire school

While walking one evening, one of my learners asked me where I was going and when I explained that I was walking for exercise and to avoid gaining weight, she said: “But Miss, you are already round.”

“Is Canada a developing country like Namibia?” – grade 5 teacher

“Miss Tanya, do you know anyone who would want to buy 20 karats of diamonds?” And when I told him that I don’t know anyone with that kind of money he asked “do you know how I could get them into the United States?” – grade 4 teacher

And the best of all, spoken to me today by one of the female teachers as she was walking behind me:  “Miss Tanya, you are getting fat…very fat.  Namibia must be treating you well!”