Kay has been here a week and we have been having a blast. Our time in Cape Town flew by and we arrived in Namibia yesterday morning. Cape Town was unforgettable. We agreed that it is the nicest city we have ever seen. Very clean, very friendly, and walkable – great restaurants, wine and shopping- sunshine, oceans, mountains, animals – HEAVEN!

While Robben Island was a little disappointing (maybe because we were both drugged on Gravol to avoid sea sickness on the boat trip!), the rest was better than we expected. We spent hours walking along the waterfront, shopping, and sitting in cafes.  We took a peninsula bus tour one day that brought us along the Atlantic and Indian Oceans where we saw penguins, seals, dolphins and baboons. The baboons are a problem in Cape Town as they hang around the tourist sites and steal food. We saw one grab the lunch right out of a little girl’s hand and then try to grab a bag of chips from a little boy!

Cape Point - where the two oceans meet

After 2 days of driving (22 hr bus ride and 6 hr car ride) we made it to Etosha National Park yesterday and checked into our lodge in the park. The weather is beautiful here and the lodge feels like a resort – very relaxing. We got up at 5am this morning for our safari and it was more than worth it. Within 10 minutes of leaving the lodge we saw a roaming male lion 10 feet from the Jeep. We were freaking out! That was followed by herds of springbok, zebra, wildabeast, oryx, and a black rhino. And then on the way back, we saw two more lions – male and female, just lounging in the grass by the side of the gravel road.

Black Rhino!



Tomorrow we are off to Swakopmund, the Namibian town on the Atlantic Ocean, for three days. Hope the weather stays nice so we can get in some beach time…Kay is on a mission to return with a little bit of African colour!