After spending the last three days in the Namib Desert, we had some useful tips we wanted to share with you:

  1. DO NOT assume that all highways are paved roads.
  2. DO NOT expect to go faster than 40 km/hr – which means a 300 km journey will take 7.5 hrs!
  3. DO NOT be surprised when a river intersects the highway.
  4. DO know how to change a tire – just in case!
  5. DO wear a sports bra (as it is a very bumpy drive J)
  6. DO bring a roll of toilet paper for road side bathroom stops.
  7. DO bring lots of munchies.
  8. DO bring a fully charged cell phone (although it doesn’t really matter, as there is no service).
  9. DO bring a fully charged ipod with HOURS of music selection.
  10. DO NOT expect to see road signs, kilometer markings or ANY other cars or people.
  11. DO secure hubcaps before your trip.
  12. DO bring extra clothes and rain boots in case you need to push your car out of mud.
  13. DO NOT stop laughing!  What else can you do in the middle of no where???

And most importantly, (information that would have been nice YESTERDAY)… DO NOT attempt the trip in a compact car (like a white Nissan Tilda)…4X4 only!

Yes, this is the road!