I arrived back in northern Namibia today after three wonderful weeks of vacation. It was awful to see Kayla off – especially when one of the last things she sobbed was “Just come home!”. And yes, a big part of me wanted to be boarding that plane with her, but I know that I have lots of work left to do here before I leave.

For those of you who won’t get a chance to see Kay’s photos anytime soon, I thought I would post a bunch more photos of the vacation…

Dune 45 - On our way to climb it!

At the top!

Our camp - so cool!

Breakfast in the desert

Sesriem Canyon

And now, back to village life…. I am very proud of myself though, for surviving my first kombi experience yesterday. A kombi is a rickety minibus that informally goes from one town to another without any schedule. It is the cheapest way to travel over long distances and is the method most locals use. So, I decided to give it a try to go from Windhoek to Rundu yesterday. While I had heard a lot of negative comments and warnings about taking one (mainly because they take so long to fill up and don’t leave until they do, they jam in more people than there are seats, they stop very regularly, drive very slowly and can be in very poor condition), I had a relatively good experience. I arrived at the pickup point at 8am and the kombi left by 9am. Although it had more people than it should and I was uncomfortably squished the entire time, we arrived in Rundu by 5pm.

I was nervous about entering the house after it being empty for three weeks, especially because we had an attempted break in a couple weeks ago (I wasn’t here, but Bev, my roommate, was). The house was in perfect condition except for a new infestation. At the front door, in the little foyer area, the ceiling and upper walls are covered in wasps. I flagged down one of my students who was passing by and asked him to have a look but when he saw what they were, he wouldn’t come near the house. Apparently, these wasps tend to swarm you and are rather deadly! Yay! From cockroaches to wasps! So, Bev and I are trapped in the house until someone comes to spray the area tomorrow evening. Guess it is going to be a lazy Sunday!