It’s been a bit of a rough week…

When I returned to work on Monday morning, I was surprised to see that the school had hired a Namibian math teacher to teach my classes. Needless to say, I was in shock. While I know this is best for the school in the long term (as they have been looking for a permanent math teacher for years), I was disappointed in the way it was communicated to me and the lack of alternative plan for me. I was brought here because there was a need for a math teacher. That was a huge motivator for me and kept me going when things got tough. Now that the need is no longer there, what do I do?

After negotiating with the principal, it looks like I will continue to teach my grade 8 classes and will take on a ‘management and administrative role’ the rest of my time. I am not sure exactly what this will be but I have proposed that I be a support to the math and English department – help implementing more creative lesson plans, team teaching, looking for new resources and supporting the students. While it sounds ideal, this will take a lot of initiative and discipline on my part and I don’t know if I have the motivation to be successful in the role.

I also returned to find out that the previous weekend, one of my grade nine students was arrested for robbery of a local bar. He and his gang broke into the bar owners house, tied him and his girlfriend up, stole the key for the bar and raided the bar of its stereo equipment, jukebox and cash. Then, they returned to the bar owners house to take turns raping the girlfriend. To make the story even worse, the girlfriend is one of my favorite grade ten students. She is an absolute sweetheart and now I can’t stop thinking about it or her. She finally came to school on Friday and she didn’t even look like herself. Sure, we have crime at home – but we rarely know the faces of the criminals or the victims.

Lastly, I am having a lot of trouble dealing with the boredom. After such a jam-packed, exciting vacation, I am going crazy with NOTHINGNESS! Weekends are the worst. Getting up at 5:30am during the week makes sleeping in impossible so by 11am today I had done my laundry, baked bread, gone for a walk and done the school’s typing. Then what??? Watched a movie, one episode of Dexter, took a nap, finished the novel, Room, and typed this blog post. Do you think 6pm is too early to go to bed???