I’ve been battling a cold since Wednesday and with Thursday as a holiday and Friday a sick day, I have been stuck in this house for four days!    Feeling better today though and was able to go for a walk to the river this morning.

The weather has been so inconsistent lately and it seems that many people are sick.  We have started the Namibian winter and it has been a lot colder than I thought it would be.  Some mornings it is 5 degrees – which seems a lot colder when you don’t have heat!  However, every day the sky is blue and the sun is strong and so by the afternoon, it reaches 27-30 degrees.

All this free time has allowed me to compile a list of things/activities I am missing most from home…

  • Swiss Chalet (and ANY take out)
  • Browsing Chapters
  • McCain frozen French fries
  • frozen yogurt
  • The Bachelor/Bachelorette (sadly, but I have to be honest!)
  • weekends at the cottage with Mom
  • Second Cup – not necessarily the coffee itself ( because I brought some with me) but the daily routine of getting my coffee or meeting people for coffee
  • lounging on the couch watching Law and Order with Kayla
  • free wireless internet (thanks to Dad and Jan)
  • the bustle of evenings at Oxford
  • The Keg dinners with my girls
  • hanging by the pool at Dad’s

While I am surrounded by raw nature and so much beauty, some days I really miss being in a city.  I long for an afternoon on Bloor Street.  I miss having access to anything … and as I write this, I realize how fortunate I am to have been born into a culture, country and family that has provided me with these opportunities.