One of the biggest cons about spending a year away from home was missing Brayden’s second year of life.  I have been so lucky though, as Alisa and my Mom doing an amazing job at keeping me updated and involved in Bray’s life.  I receive weekly videos of him gabbing to ‘Tia’ and showing me his toys.  The photos and videos are bitter sweet – while receiving them often make my week, I can’t help from crying whenever he kisses the camera or says a new word! I miss him terribly.  He is becoming such a big boy… he walks and talks now…he’s into cars, dinosaurs, puts ketchup on everything and loves FRENCH FRIES!!!!  We are obviously related!

What a cutie! xoxo

And this week I got the greatest news… he said my name!  While visiting Kayla, he walked over to a photo of the three of us, pointed at me and said “Tia”!