This week in Life Skills we started the unit on Sex and Sexuality.  OMG – I was a little uncertain how the kids would deal with formally learning and talking about what most of them are doing.  Once again, they surprised me with their attentiveness and maturity.

For the first part of the lesson we clarified the difference between ‘sex’ and ‘sexual intercourse’.  And there was a sentence in their text book that said “It is possible to change your sex by having surgery”.  Well, this started a MAJOR discussion.  First of all, they had never heard of someone changing their sex and they thought it was very interesting.  One boy asked question after question…”If a boy becomes a girl, can he have intercourse?  If a boy becomes a girl, can he fall pregnant?  How do boys grow breasts if they want to be a girl?”.  Needless to say, describing these details to them in basic English required a lot of hand gestures and examples.

Then I had them write a paragraph on their own sexuality.  They had to include answers to a couple prompts that I gave them…and because they are so entertaining, I thought I would post a couple good ones.  Looks like I have a lot of work to do with them!

Do you think families should discuss sexual intercourse?

“My family told me sexual intercourse is the thing that is not good.  Because sometimes you can do sex with many girls and you get HIV.”

“When you are young they will tell you about sex and how you should protect yourself from bad boys.”

What age is it okay to have sexual intercourse?

“Is on age 20!  Because age 19 downwards is not important to do sexual intercourse and at 0-19 you can feel pain if you make sexual intercourse”.

“18 because that is when produce sperm and know how to survive with girl.”

“32 years because you should know something about sexual intercourse and how to protect yourself from pregnance.”

“Adolescent – that age we have feelings that force you to having sexual intercourse.”

What does your church say about sexual intercourse?  Do you agree?

“They teaching you if you marry one girl, don’t go to another girl.”

“Our church say that age 0-19 you can’t make sexual intercourse.  And I’m agree about that!”

“Adam and Eve was the first people who do sex and other people are following.”

“God say that people should having sexual intercourse to produce the other people.”

“Sex is not a sin.”

“Our church say we must wait till you get married .  Yes I agree because young children must concentrate on education.”   (This is from my smartest grade 8 – she just gets it!)

Two learners felt the need to clarify to me that they were happy with their sex… I must have scared them with my talk of sex changes!

“So for addition, I am very happy to be a boy because is how I feel and how God made me.”

“I am glad that I am a girl because boys are always bring problems by making girls pregnant.  Boys always want girls so they will have sexual intercourse but I tell them no means no.  I am still young and I am at school to learn and become a important person in future.”

So, there you have it – lessons on sexuality from my grade 8 learners!  I think we need to change this Life Skills course to everyday instead of once a week!