Not a day goes by that I don’t get asked this question.   Kids interrupt me in class, come knocking on my door at home and stop me on the street to ask me to take their photo.  I know that for many, they don’t have mirrors at home, so the photos give them a chance to see themselves.  For the younger kids, they just want to see themselves on the screen on the camera but for most, they want me to print the photos for them.  So, I had to set up a routine… every second Friday is “photo shoot Friday” and then for those who pay me the N$5, I will print the photo for them in town.

Photo shoot days are interesting.  The kids come with multiple wardrobe changes, wigs and make up and get all dolled up.  On any given day there could be 20 to 40 kids waiting for their photo to be taken – in many, many different poses!  One group of girls started stripping in front of me – yes, they wanted naked photos!  Of course, I didn’t feel comfortable photographing my learners naked – so we agreed on bras and underwear!  Needless to say it takes A LOT of patience on my part – but in the end I get some great photos of the kids!

Wigs and sun glasses!

Grade 8 girls in their bestest

Gorgeous grade 6 girls!

Very often they want me in their photos! Here are grade 9 girls - Adolphine, Katrina and Kalina

Grade 9 boys - SOOOO COOOOL!

Isn't she a cutie???

Elisabeth - grade 10. We might find her on Africa's Next Top Model!

When I come to school on Monday with their photos printed, they are so excited to see them.  And then they guard them with their lives!