Yes, even in a small African village, with little contact to the outside world, my students have their own idea of style. And with limited finances, they have to be creative!  Thank goodness they wear a uniform!

• Boys wear one pant leg rolled up.

• Boys wear nail polish – blue, orange, red.

• Socks and sandals (even with thongs) is never out of style.

• Jelly bracelets

• Jelly shoes

• Girls wear grey knee socks and then different coloured ankle socks on top

• Small stickers on your face, ear lobes or finger nails

• Anything from your mother or father’s closet – like a white satin blazer – even if 3 sizes too big or small!

• Anything neon

• Frilly, plastic hair bands – even though they have no hair!

• Trench coats

• Hats – toques, berets, visors – you name it

• Hoodies with ANYTHING in English written on them

• Bedazzling their uniforms with metal paper fasteners

• Rosaries as necklaces

And the teachers….because they get paid quite well, they are able to own decent clothing. I am definitely  the most casually dressed teacher as most men wear suits and women wear heels and dresses. The men however, have some classic fashion tips:

• White socks with dress pants and dress shoes.

• Massive gold chains with big gold crosses

• White dress shoes (in a school surrounded in sand!)

• Bright green, baby blue or purple suits

So really, anything goes!  How wonderful is that???!!!!