Sorry guys – nothing shocking or insightful for you this week …

Apparently I have been very lucky – been here 7 months and saw my first snake this week.  It was a poisonous one, according to the man who was chasing it with a stick, but it got away.  The following day I saw a dead Black Mamba on the road!  Eeeks!

Clucky laid her first eggs for me this week.  I was a bit hesitant to eat them, but they were yummy!

Bev, my roommate, will be leaving village life and moving to Rundu.  She has an opportunity to work directly with the Ministry of Education, where she is hoping she will be able to do more sustainable work than the typing for the principal at the school she’s been at.  I am secretly hoping she will forget to take her french press with her, because I love it!

Two hippos were killed in Rupara, a nearby village along the river, because they were coming close to homesteads- so they were shot.  The meat was on sale at the side of the road the following day.

Fruit trees are starting to ripen – this week I tried a pou po (like a guava) and a monkey orange.  Wasn’t crazy about either, but had to pretend as my learners had brought them for me!

I am just finishing season 5 of Dexter and OMG it is awesome!  I don’t want it to end because I don’t have any more, but I have found a new favorite time killer – The Mentalist!

Our in-country director, Kelly Jo, has just accepted a job at the Namibian Polytechnic school as an English and Gender Studies professor, so, she’ll be leaving WorldTeach in October L

The weather is very quickly warming up.  In a matter of two weeks, jackets and sweaters aren’t needed and blankets are folded away.  I will definitely miss the cool nights and dormant bugs!