Over the past couple of weeks I have blessed with numerous letters from learners.  While most of them make me chuckle, they are filled with love and appreciation (most of the time!).  And to be honest, they remind me of why I decided to come here in the first place.  So, here are some of my favourite quotes from recent letters.

“Miss Tanya, time for love and time for happy. Please come at my house tomorrow and play.”  Rebecca, grade 6

“God, I need you to send your holy spirit to Miss Tanya and your power in the hands of Miss Tanya. Amen.” Eveline, grade 9

“First I would like to say thank you and I will congratulation you because things that you did for me is very grateful.  My parent was also very happy and he said that God bless you all the time and keep you going.  For me I am praying every day before I’m going to sleep because things that you are doing for me I was very surprised and that is whi I said that Miss Tanya is also like my mother because she were treating me as her own daughter.”  Monica, grade 10

“I want you to know that on Monday I will be happy because it’s my birthday.  Please bring me a gift for my happy birthday.  I love you Miss Tanya, love Tena”  Tena, grade 6

“Miss Tanya, every day I am hungry.  Please give me food on Friday.”  Adeline, grade 6

“Since you came at this school you are the only one I saw that you are good and one thing I realize from you is you are kind and you are helpful and you treat others like your own brothers and sisters.”  Elizabeth, grade 10

“I am true to love Ms. Tanya for 100%”  Kalina, grade 9

“Miss Tanya, during the night I dream that God send his angel to come bless me and then I think that my dream came true when you came to my life, Miss Tanya.  Whenever you feel sad, I will be there for you.  I love you.”  Eveline, grade 9

And there you have it – the reasons I decide to stick it out another day!