We have been surrounded by wildlife this entire vacation -elephants grazing along the road on our way out of Namibia, baboons around our lodge in Katima, warthogs crossing the road in Livingstone…  absolutely amazing.  And then we did a safari!!!

Amy and I decided to do a two night camping safari in Chobe, Botswana and I am SOOO happy that we did as it gave us tons of opportunity to see animals. We did a river safari, 2 early morning safaris, 2 dusk drives and one afternoon drive.  While camping isn’t really my thing, this was amazing.  The guides took care of setting up camp, cooked amazing meals and were extremely knowledgeable.  Other than a cheetah (which there are only 2 of in the park), we saw everything… lions, leopards, HUNDREDS of elephants, hippos, impala, kudu, warthogs, crocodiles, baboons, eagles, vultures, zebra, giraffe, buffalo, hyenas (in our camp!)…

A hippo grazing - although a herbivore, they are VERY dangereous to humans if they feel threatened

More hippos!

This photos shows how close we were able to get to the herds of elephants while on the Chobe River.

Baby and Mama elephant heading to the river at dusk

The highlight was definitely the lion kill.  We witnessed a female lion catch a baby buffalo and then the pride of 9 lions fed on the buffalo (while it was still alive!)  Unbelievable.

Lions eating baby buffalo