Africa changes you.  It makes you do things you never would have imagined doing at home.

  • Brushing my teeth in the shower
  • Going bra-less
  • Wearing my Crocs with socks – eeks!
  • Seatbelts – what are those?
  • Chasing my chicken around the front yard to get back in her pen
  • Making water and power outages part of my daily routine
  • Greeting every single person I pass in the village (so annoying!)
  • Going 3 days + without washing my hair
  • Getting up at 5:30 in the morning on weekdays and not being able to sleep past 7 on weekends
  • Eating PLAIN pasta
  • Asking a learner very directly “Are you stupid?” or “Do you want to fail?” in front of the whole class
  • Handing over a half eaten apple to a kid who’s staring at you eating it
  • Greeting the 2 spiders on my wall every morning
  • Threatening or bribing the students
  • Wearing my money belt whenever I leave the village
  • Carrying my cell phone ALWAYS and anticipating a call (from homeJ)
  • Not freaking out when there is a goat at the front door or a chicken in the car seat beside you

No doubt, being here has made me more flexible and laid back.   It’s awesome!