My class playing cards during periods when a teacher doesn't show up!

Grade 2 girls peeking in the window at me while on break

My brightest grade 8 - Bartleth Simpire - inquisitive, dedicated and a real character!

School and community gathered for an award ceremony. Certificates were given to the highest learners in each grade. I was even awarded a certificate of goodwill!

Grade 3's with their certificates

I created certificates for a bunch hard working learners that didn't score high enough to receive certificates at the ceremony but definitely deserved them!

Grade 6 boys - the one on the right is ALWAYS smiling

Grade 8 boys hanging around at break

Due to Clucky's clever escape tactics, I have decided to let her run free. So, every morning she comes right up to the door for her breakfast! So cute!

Village kids collecting monkey oranges from the tree behind my house

Very popular home-made toy car

Eveline with the fish she caught from the river. Very happy that she will have more than just porridge for lunch and hoped that she wouldn't have to share with her brothers!

Amalia, gr 2, and her brother, fetching water from the river