I have been in Mozambique for 6 days now and although I am anxious to get home, I am so happy I came.  This is definitely a different part of Africa, unlike anything I have seen or experienced yet.  Mozambique was a Portuguese colony, so the main language is Portuguese and there is definitely a European feel to the country.  While Maputo, the capital, is in need of some major renovation since their civil war, it has a ‘spunk’ to it.  You know you are still in Africa, as you are greeted by every person that passes you, but the palm trees and extremely laid back attitude reminds me of the Carribbean.  The people are extremely friendly, although very few speak English, and the food is amazing… seafood, Portuguese chicken, fresh salads, awesome coffee and desserts… oh ya, and mangos on every corner!

I had planned on volunteering in Maputo this whole week with a local development organization, The Chissano Foundation (www.fjchissano.org.mz), but they had some potential investors in town so they were occupied.  I was fortunate to spend a day with the Project Manager, Celio, who took to me to a farming project they are working on and showed me around.  They have built an agricultural school where local farmers can come and learn more efficient agricultural practices.  It was nice to see some of the country side and learn a bit about development from the agricultural side.

So, I decided to escape the city early and head for the beach… and now I am in paradise. I arrived in Tofo yesterday and had to drag myself out of the ocean to get to an internet cafe to write this.  The beach is pristine and the water is turquoise. The area reminds me a lot of Nai Harn beach, the beach I lived on during my year in Phuket.  It isn’t touristy or developed at all.  Sandy roads, little restaurant stalls along the shore, locals selling fresh coconut juice and mangos along the beach. I am staying at a b&b that is a 5 min walk from the beach and they are taking great care of me.  I have an ocean view from my room and the breeze is wonderful.

All in all, I am pleased.  And I haven’t even gone diving yet!  Tomorrow I will do my first dive – sooo excited!  I will update you when I get back and post photos of the area soon 🙂