Tonight is my last night in paradise.  I head back Maputo tomorrow to spend a couple more days exploring the city and eating seafood.  Tofo has been wonderful – except the diving.  I had my first and last dive on Friday as it was horrible.  I got extremely sea sick and spent the ENTIRE dive puking.  While others on the dive saw an octopus and shark, I saw vomit!  Needless to say, the ocean was extremely rough and after it took two days to recover, I decided not to try again.  Very disappointing!  So, I have had to settle with lounging on the beach, swimming, napping, eating … poor me!

As promised, here are some photos of Moz.  I have been EXTREMELY lazy with photos this vacation, so I only have a few.

Maputo waterfront

Tofo beach

The b&b I am staying in - overlooking the ocean