Thank You

From the day I started planning this trip, my family and friends have been incredibly supportive.  I would like to say a special thank you to Kayla, Alisa, Lenny, Jamie, Janet and my Mom and Dad for their daily support and encouragement.  They have helped me through every worry of this proces – from fundraising to packing!

I would like to thank ALL of those who made a donation towards my trip.  I am amazed by the generosity and love that surrounds me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Alice F, Alisa & Lenny Baptista, Anna Maria G, Betty H, Brewer Family, Bonnie, Bothwell Accurate, Brian & Sandra Jamieson, Bruno Family, Burjis & Saira M, Cardinal Leger Secondary School, Casey M, Colleen & Nelson C, Cristina & Phil Baptista, Darlene B, Jamie Moniz, Jasmine D, Jennifer C, Jennifer F, Joan G, Joe & Christine L, Joe & Lucy Baptista, Johna Giraldi, Kayla Giraldi, Kelly F, Kevin W, Kimberly H, Laura T, Lisa S, Louis D. Logie Family, Lurdes R, Mary Katherine,  Mandy C, Marianna B, Mariano R, Megan V, Mike W, Mr. & Mrs. Moniz, Moore Family, Oxford Learning Centre, Pap Family, Paul DaSilva, Robert L, Rob R, Ryan S, Sandy D, Sarika G, Sarah T, Shagun B, Shannon C, Silvia R, Sonia Regaldo, Sosa Family, Terry L, Trisha, Valerie N, Vera L, Xavier Family


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